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Whilst I find my native tongue, it's colour and incredible diversity both fascinating and alluring, I must apologise for my foolish goofing ramblings and forays into a literary abyss. I never had any early aspirations to write and really should have paid more attention at school, nevertheless, I'm having my fun and getting on and having a crack is what motivate-u is allabout.

I hope to give you a few laughs and some inspiration as I enthusiastically document our meanderings across the globe. Even though I look back at my memoirs and cringe at the mistakes, updates are usually done at the end of a long day; tired perched uncomfortably in the tent, or under the shade of a tree, or somewhere in the middle of the sea. Words like 'incredible' get a damned good flogging, though what we are doing and experiencing is really incredible and we wish that through this site we can motivate-u to get on anddo what you know you can do.

If you are enjoying my prose as much as I do creating it I'd like to remind you we are doing this for a reason; to help those less fortunate than ourselves, and urge you to make a donation, no matter how small to our charity SOS children.

'Live your life... and make a difference.
Many thanks for any help.

Niel and Sarah

Sailing and Climbing
on 54ft steel ketch NORTHANGER
February 2003...<more>

Out of the desert
40° South
Patagonia's Lake District
December 2002

Argentinean Desert
Crossing from Bolivia into Argentina via the volcanos
The roughest part of the trip to date
October 2002