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This project evolved not only because of our lust for adventure and challenge, but furthermore, because we both strongly believe that many of us have lost sight of the reason we are here. Hypnotised by television and the media machine, consumed by the system, life is passing us by. We have lost our energy in body and mind. We have lost the feeling of being. We have lost respect.

Life is for living not existing. We are not saying you should go and pack your bags now, it needn't be travel or adventure related. Whatever it is, you know you need to do it. Only you holding yourself back. We hope, as a consequence of our actions, to motivate respect

Niel and Sarah
We have had an almost fanatical approach to make as much time as possible for adventure, both near and far, constantly seeking new challenges in different places. We decided that being dependent on the city conforming to a system of routine that dictated the way we lived our lives, was not the reason why we were here. At the end of every week we would bolt from the city to open spaces to seek new challenges and adventures.


At the age of 17 I left home to go and visit Tasmania which totally changed my outlook on life. From a regular city kid to finding myself travelling on horseback in remote outback wilderness using a gun and fishing rod learning survival techniques to gather food. Since then I’ve spent over 6 years travelling all over the world. After sailing back from Thailand at the end of my last trip I’ve not spent a single weekend at home or in a City.

I also flew from the nest at 17. I left my home in Switzerland to travel to the Far East lured by the exotic culture. I arrived in Thailand where I felt free and liberated from the modern world and knew there was a whole wonderful world waiting for me. I fell in love with the Ocean becoming a diving instructor. I lived in a cave with two Buddhist Monks and felt totally at home living a simple natural life. It was there I met Niel whilst climbing. I am a qualified nurse with the Red Cross and have owned my own Diving business. I speak five languages including Japanese.

Sailing and Climbing
on 54ft steel ketch NORTHANGER
February 2003...<more>

Out of the desert
40° South
Patagonia's Lake District
December 2002

Argentinean Desert
Crossing from Bolivia into Argentina via the volcanos
The roughest part of the trip to date
October 2002