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A few shots from memorable trips to various locations around the world.
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Colour Gallery

Doubtful Sound. New Zealand.
Moments after capturing this tranquil spectacle of swirling dawn mists back-lit by cascading sunlight my camera jammed and a pod of dolphins broke the mirror like reflection. Alas, without the camera, I leaped in the kayak and had virtually an hour racing with about 30 cavorting dolphins. An incredible interaction, of screams and cries which spurred them on to jump, sometimes two at a time, out of the water just clear of the bow.

Moorea. French Polynesia.
Sheltering from torrential tropical downpours I chatted with these traditional fishermen until a break in the weather lead them away in to the sunset.

Cape York. Australia.
My favourite Aboriginal art photograph from countless forages in to the Australian bush. The light at the end of the day made the rock and paintings come alive.

Bagarchap Nepal.
Possibly four generations in line relaxing in the sun watching with intrigue as my colleague, Stuart, runs past.

Chame. Nepal.
I was close enough here with a good long lens to elicit a suspicious smile though far enough away not to be too confrontational.

Bryce Canyon. Utah.
We bivouacked by the Canyon rim to be sure not to miss the spectacle of sunrise over this incredible natural wonder.

Black and White Gallery

Huahine. French Polynesia.
At sundown the fish start nibbling and everyone tries their luck. I caught dinner, a Bonito Tuna, from the same patch of water though from the vantage of a cargo ships bow.

Bungle Bungles. Western Australia.
Like towering egg pods left millions of years ago by gigantic insects from another world the Bungles let the imagination run free to form theories to explain how these magnificent ancient formations came to be.

Kimberley. Australia. Windjana Gorge.
Shocked a handful of tourists by taking an early morning bathe and swimming with the relatively harmless Johnston Crocodiles, lying down nearby to dry off.

Isle of Syke. Scotland.
A dramatic cloudburst as the sun slides down over Loch Leathan for the last day of the century.

Yak Kharka. Nepal.
Return of the weevils.

Sailing and Climbing
on 54ft steel ketch NORTHANGER
February 2003...<more>

Out of the desert
40° South
Patagonia's Lake District
December 2002

Argentinean Desert
Crossing from Bolivia into Argentina via the volcanos
The roughest part of the trip to date
October 2002