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The United Kingdom
Farewells before leaving Yorkshire on the 1st of May 2001, cycling down the Canals of England and Sailing along the South Coast to Falmouth on ‘Hitchhiker’ a 36ft Sloop
The Bay of Biscay
The crossing from Falmouth to Bayona in Spain across the Bay of Biscay on ‘Moonshiner’ a 45ft Sloop in the FAR 2001 Rally.
Cycling along the beautiful Atlantic coast of Portugal to the Mediterranean of Spain and through colourful Provence to the French Alps
The Alps
Climbing of Mt Blanc 4807m and Dent Blanche 4357m and the incredible High Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt – 23 Glaciers and over 10,000 meters of ascent.
The Mediterranean
Exploring Palma Mallorca – working and passing time waiting for a lift across the Atlantic.
The Atlantic
The crossing of the Atlantic via The Canaries and The Cape Verdes to Tobago on ‘Nunki’ a 38ft Ketch.
Trinidad and Tobago
Explorin’, chillin’ and limin’ in the tropical paradise of Tobago
The Caribbean
Sailing from Tobago to Trinidad on ‘Embla’ a 42ft Swan and from Tobago to Venezuela via the Testigos and Margarita on ‘Contessa’ a 42ft Sloop.
Multisport adventures - Learning Spanish and exploring the tranquil mountainous area around Merida on foot, on bikes and on horseback.
Orinoco Delta
Paddling - A unique paddle amongst extraordinary fauna and flora in the Orinoco Delta with the Warao Indians.
Mountain Bike to Canaima
Extreme off-road riding / paddling / hiking through the Canaima Nacional Parque - passing the spectacular Angel Falls.
Gran Sabana
Hiking - A week traverse deep in the jungle of the Canaima Nacional Parque to the Gran Sabana.Mountain-biking - Off-road trails through Pemon Indian territory in the vast Gran Sabana Climbing - To the rooftop of the 'lost world' - The Ancient tepuy Roraima.

Cycle touring and wild-camping through the lush Amazonas crossing the equator to Manaus; then travelling up the Rio Madiera to Porto Vehlo and riding on in the direction of the Andes. Worldcup action!

Bolivia - Riding and Rafting
Gnarly rough-road riding from the savanha upto the mighty Andes. Wild
rafting down the remote Rio Tuichi through the heart of the incredibly bio-diverse Madidi National Park, and mingling with wonderful Bolivian people.
Bolivia - Riding
Fishing, for the giant Amazonian Catfish on the remote River Hondo,
Mountainbiking - On Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca on ancient Inca trails,  Trekking, above 5000m, above beautiful Sorata, Mountainbiking, the world's most dangerous road with a twist, Climbing - Mt Illamani - 6457m, Riding - Crossing the Salar Uyuni - The driest desert on Earth.
Spectacular desert riding alongside the Andes through to the verdant wine country of Mendoza.
Stunning scenery of mountains, rivers and lakes with endless opportunities for adventure.
Art Gallery
A few doodles from here and there!

Sailing and Climbing
on 54ft steel ketch NORTHANGER
February 2003...<more>

Out of the desert
40° South
Patagonia's Lake District
December 2002

Argentinean Desert
Crossing from Bolivia into Argentina via the volcanos
The roughest part of the trip to date
October 2002